Advice Redovisning (accounting) becomes Good Advice

Now our accounting department is undergoing a change as we have decided that it is too small to operate in the way we desire. Additionally, as Advice continues to focus on our main areas, Tax and Family Law.

Advice Redovisning AB has entered into a merger agreement with Good Advice Sverige AB. Good Advice, located in Stockholm and Gothenburg, is a rapidly growing firm with accounting as its core business. They have also developed a unique niche in business development, which has been extremely successful. The founders, Madeleine & Mattias Segerbrand, both have a solid background in accounting, business development, and entrepreneurship.

Together with Madeleine & Mattias, Advice will operate Good Advice as a unified accounting firm with the same personal commitment that Advice Redovisning has shown throughout its operational history.

This partnership has been formed to leverage the resources and experience of Good Advice. They are veterans in the industry and are more digital and automated, allowing for more time for analysis. They also have a well-established reputation in the accounting industry, which facilitates, among other things, recruitment. Furthermore, they possess significant knowledge in business development with measurable soft and hard values that deliver results for Good Advice’s clients.

Moving forward, we direct all accounting inquiries to Good Advice, but you can always contact us at Advice. We look forward to continuing and deepening the collaboration in accounting between Advice and Good Advice.

You can find Good Advice here:
Stockholm: 08-502 75 770
Gothenburg: 031-375 67 77

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