Talk to us, it pays

People who run their own companies have their hands full running and developing their businesses. But at the same time, people who run their own companies are the very group that have most to gain from a well thought through and long-term tax strategy. That’s what Advice is for.

Advice is an independent firm of consultants that primarily works with owner-operated companies. We assist our clients with long-term tax planning, both for the company and for the individual owner.

We are about ten consultants with over 200 years of shared experience from the tax area. We believe that the team is stronger than the individual and we work in close cooperation with each other, promoting a working environment where knowledge is shared and new experiences quickly become common knowledge.

Advice aims to establish long-term partnerships. This is why we focus on getting to grips with the client’s overall situation and individual risk profile. The suggestions and recommendations that Advice provide should not just be good, they should take into account the individual client’s situation and requirements, and should be communicated in a way that the client can easily understand.

Advice specialises in tax law, but we also assist our clients in numerous associated fields. And where we lack high level expertise in house, we give our clients access to our extensive network of external experts. Advice coordinates the work and always monitors projects closely to ensure an optimum end-result.