An ideal opportunity to take stock

Advice prepares many of its clients’ tax returns, whether they are private persons or companies. This gives us a very good overall view of the client’s financial situation, the chance to ensure that the client’s tax strategy is correct, and the opportunity to propose measures where necessary.

Preparing our clients’ tax returns, year after year, gives us a good overview of the client’s assets and income in previous years, the tax decisions taken, and the information provided in previous tax returns. In other words, our knowledge of our clients’ past history lays the groundwork for the submission of a correct tax return today.

Does the client, for example, apply the major rule or the simplification rule on their K10 form with regard to their closely held company under the 3:12 rules? If the client normally takes a dividend from their limited company, is the total salary base calculated? And then there’s the question of whether the client has holdings in a number of different companies, or in foreign companies, and if so, how these should be classified from a Swedish tax perspective.

Preparing tax returns also involves enduring that significant and relevant information is provided in the return, and determining how information or a deduction claim should be formulated in order, for example, to avoid the risk of a tax surcharge.

Preparing a client’s returns also enables us to see whether a measure we have proposed or an issue we have investigated was correctly addressed and explained in the tax return.