An experienced representative

If the Swedish Tax Agency’s investigations and audits result in a ruling, Advice can act as a valuable sounding board when deciding whether to appeal the ruling to a court of law. We work with the client to evaluate whether tax proceedings should ensue on the basis of the likelihood of success and cost and whether there are other aspects that must be taken into account.

We act as representatives in tax proceedings if the case proceeds to the County Administrative Court, the Administrative Court of Appeal, or the Supreme Administrative Court. Advice provides assistance in drawing up a tactical plan for the tax proceedings and will determine, in consultation with the client, whether their case needs to be strengthened with additional evidence.

Advice will ideally get involved in any investigations where there is a risk of tax proceedings at an early stage in the process because by doing so, we can help with the initial responses to the Agency. We do, however, also help with tax proceedings where we were not previously involved.

We can also assist with applications for advance rulings from the Swedish Council for Advance Tax Rulings.