Who do you want to reward? What is the maximum cost?

Before introducing an incentive system, you must be clear about what you are trying to achieve. Who do you want to reward, what does the company aim to achieve by offering incentives, and what is the maximum cost?

The answers to these questions form the basis for the incentive system structure created by Advice. Is a simple salary-based bonus system for employees sufficient, or do you need more complex stock option programmes that include shares, convertibles, warrants or synthetic options, for example?

Advice has in-depth experience of developing and evaluating incentive programmes and is a compatible discussion partner during this process. We take part in the discussions, investigate the preconditions for a range of models, examine the effects of different systems under different circumstances, and help with the final design of the incentive system.

Advice is also engaged to evaluate the effect of existing or potential incentive programmes on tax. When foreign programmes are implemented in Sweden, for example, the evaluation may entail renegotiation of the terms in order to enable the adaptation of the incentive programme to the Swedish tax system.