Selling off-the-shelf companies

We have sold over 1,100 off-the-shelf companies to our clients since 1994. We have, in other words, enabled the client to buy a ready-made limited company and avoid all of the administration involved in the new formation of a company.
We handle contacts with the Swedish Companies Registration Office independently, and process the administration in connection with the off-the-shelf company, quickly and flexibly. We can, when necessary, also provide assistance if the newly formed company needs to be registered for corporate taxation, VAT registered, and registered as an employer.

Information on off-the-shelf companies – download an info sheet here (pdf)

Advice’s general terms and conditions for off-the-shelf companies (pdf)

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When a corporate structure has become bloated and slim-lining is required, we can help our clients to merge companies, such as parent companies and subsidiaries that have arisen after an internal transmission of shares or special purpose vehicles that are now surplus to requirements within the structure. We draw up the necessary documentation to enable the companies to merge.

We can also assist with downstream mergers i.e. merge a parent company into its own subsidiary.

Information on mergers – download an info sheet here (pdf)

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Other corporate matters

We can assist with new share issues, bonus issues, share recalls, issuing convertible debentures, issuing warrants to subscribe, name changes, changes to the financial year, changes to Articles of Association, applications for additional distribution of profits, beneficial owner applications, liquidations, and de-registrations.

Information on share issues – download an info sheet here (pdf)
Information on liquidation – download an info sheet here (pdf)

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