We’ll help you with the big picture

An entrepreneur’s problems are multifaceted and it can be difficult for them to work with the bigger picture. We often act as a sounding board on more complex issues and also have an extensive network of contacts in areas such as Corporate Finance, civil law, family law, and a variety of other specialist issues.

We’re there for you, 24/7

Our business is based on our being available 24/7 to deliver what our clients need. We provide the advice we’d want to be given if the situation was reversed. Good communication is key for us – as is timely delivery. And if the client requests it, we’re happy to help implement the solutions we’ve proposed, too.

Tax advice

Advice is an independent consultancy firm that works, primarily, with owner-led companies. We offer smart, sustainable tax strategies, both for the company and for you as the owner. We are your sounding board, not just when it comes to tax issues, but within a long list of associated areas.

Advice KB

Postal and street address:
Norrlandsgatan 16
SE-111 43 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46 8 678 08 18

Committed from start to finish

For Advice, an engagement doesn’t end when we propose solutions. We’ll happily undertake to implement the measures and structures we’ve proposed, and are on the case, hand in hand with the client, all the way to the finishing line. And we resolve any problems that crop up as we go along together.
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